Why our Models?

3D Life offers high quality, anatomically accurate 3D Models that can be used for pre-surgical planning and examination of a patient.

Acquiring a 3D Model is a necessary step in order to:

  • Reduce Operating Time
  • Reduce number of Complications
  • Reduce Average device usage per procedure
  • Increase Post-Operative care efficiency
  • Increase quality of Life and health care of patients

It is estimated that approximately 400,000 deaths are caused by avoidable medical errors in US alone, making medical errors the third leading cause of death in the country. 3D printing technology could definitely help lowering these numbers by enabling doctors to perform pre-surgical simulations with exact replicas of their patients organs.

In simple words 3D Life offers the unique opportunity to manufacture a 3D model, exact replica of a patient’s organ which is under pre-surgical evaluation to provide personalized surgery and therapy and supporting healthcare professionals in their efforts to fully understand and evaluate their patient’s unique anatomy.

3D Life’s models help reduce significantly the risk and complication rate resulting to improved clinical outcomes and lower Healthcare costs in complex surgical procedures. In other words, the attending physician could plan and simulate the procedure of the specific patient and understand the particularities well in advance before patient is in Operating room.

Models and Clinical Applications


The Problem: Doctors and surgeons spend a lot of their time examining MRIs and CT scans (and other medical data) of the patient and even more time performing the actual surgery. As a result, not only fewer surgeries are being performed due to lack of time, but also the outcome of the surgeries being conducted is not always optimal.

Our Solution: 3D Life provides the unique opportunity to the surgeon performing the medical operation to study the organ being operated, prior to the operation with zero risk for the patient! This provides the surgeon with the necessary steps that need to be performed during the operation, resulting in a reduction of surgery time for the patients. As a result the health of patients is burdened less and the quality of their health care is increased!

The 3D Printed model improves understanding from patients for their condition and can understand the treatment the doctors propose to them.

3D Life’s medical models deliver a valuable, accurate, realistic and high quality representation of the patient’s organ and can be used as a great pre surgical planning device, as well as a valuable learning tool for doctors and patients and people interested in the anatomy of the human body!

Heart models

The Problem: Patients with heart conditions can have anatomical malformations that are presented in various ways. In some cases, it is very difficult to see the problematic anatomy in the MRI/CT scan and understand the exact anatomy that is causing the problem. Even experienced Heart Surgeons who perform thousands of operations per year can be concerned that they have overlooked some important detail that could change the entire surgical operation of their patient.

Our Solution: Anatomically correct Heart models can be used by Heart Surgeons across the world for pre surgical planning of heart operations. Our heart models are anatomically correct, and as a result illustrate structure and pathology, which may be vague, obscure or hidden in X-ray and computed tomography.

3D Life’s Heart models have successfully been used in planning of operations many times and have helped many patients and surgeons across the globe.

For more pictures and information on our Heart models please visit our new 3D Anatomic Heart Library

For easier reference of the various surgical procedures where 3D Printed Heart models can be used for presurgical examination and planning please see the table below:

GroupSurgical Procedure
Cardiac Surgery/Interventional CardiologyAnnuloplasty(Mitral Valve Repair)
Repair Coronary Aneurysm
Replacement of Aortic Valve
Stent Insertion
Repair Congenital Heart Defects

3D Life Heart models Brochure

Neurosurgery Models

The Problem: In major motorcycle and car accidents, people who survive can have grievous head injuries that result to them having to have part of their skull removed for a small amount of time. The missing cranium parts then need to be re-sculpted by neurosurgeons during the operation to have the exact shape of the patient’s skull in order to be both practical and aesthetically well made.

Our Solution: A new product of 3D Life is our cranial plate models! The 3D Printed plates we provide serve as a basis for the surgeons to craft the skull parts in the exact shape of the 3D Model, which we have specifically crafted to fit the patient’s skull shape.

The 3D Printed cranial plates have been used successfully by neurosurgeons, benefiting the operation by reducing the time of the patient’s surgery.

Neurosurgery models can be used for various other applications for pre surgical planning and preparation in the surgical procedures described in the table below:

GroupSurgical Procedure
NeurosurgeryRepair Aneurysm
Transsphenoidal Excision of Pituitary Gland
Remove Brain Tumor

3D Life Cranioplasty models Brochure

Gynecology Models

The Problem: It is common, especially in laparoscopic procedures that gynecologists have no sense of touch. As a result, they cannot know the internal and external lining of the uterus resulting to difficult and longer operations.

Our Solution: 3D Life’s anatomically correct uterus models, can show the exact internal and external lining of the uterus giving gynecologists the image they need before the operation and the opportunity for them to determine a successful strategy for a better, quicker and safer operation for the patients.

Baby Model

In another unique feature, 3D Life provides mothers-to-be, with a way to see, feel and touch their baby before it is even born, with the help of an ultrasound scan. The 3D Printed embryo or face of the baby has the exact form seen in the ultrasound and becomes a unique memento to have, to remember this incredible moment.

3D Life Gynecology models Brochure

Orthopedic Models

The Problem: In some Orthopedic cases, it is difficult to know the exact distance of the bone marrow, in order to be sure that the bone enlarging device can fit inside the bone and help the patient grow a certain limb (leg).

Our Solution: With the help of our 3D orthopedic models, it is possible to measure the exact distance of the bone marrow and make absolutely sure that the medical device fits inside the bone. The surgeon can know exactly where to saw the bone, plant the device and finish the procedure without even beginning the operation in the surgery room!

3D Life offers orthopedic models for other orthopedic surgical procedures that can be viewed in the table below:

GroupOrthopedic Procedure
Orthopedic ModelsRepair Scoliosis
Repair Clavicle Fracture
Hip Repair
Repair Intervertebral Disc
Hip Replacement Revision
Repair Leg Fracture

3D Life Orthopedic models Brochure

Other Organ Models

3D Life can print models of all organs of the human body for better pre-surgical preparation and planning in order to reduce the chances of surgical complications and reducing surgery time, providing a safer and greater quality health care experience for the patients!

The models that 3D Life can create include the following:

Anatomical GroupSurgery
GastroEndoscopy of Esophageal Lesion
Plastic ReconstructionHand Reconstruction
Facial Reconstruction
Breast Reconstruction
Cleft Pallate Correction
OncologyRemoval of Adrenal Tumor
Removal of Liver Tumor
Endoscopic Removal of Cardiac Lesion
Thoracic Removal of Lung Tumor
Removal of Renal Tumor
TransplantHeart Transplant
Liver Transplant
Lung Transplant
Kidney Transplant

Professional Educational Services

3D printed models of anatomical organs can have a significant role in education for doctors, medical students and even people who are enthused by the anatomy of the human body.

Currently, it is very difficult to find a heart or other organ with a particular condition to practice a particular surgical operation on it for the doctors and medical students. Even if they find such a heart, finding large numbers of these hearts for a training session can be difficult and time consuming.

As a solution to this problem, 3D Life offers 3D Printed anatomical models of organs that can be used by surgeons in training and even trained surgeons and medical students. The surgeon can practice an operation of an anatomical condition an unlimited number of times on a 3D model, without any risk to the patient. As a result, he/she will be better prepared for such a particular case or procedure, when a patient with such a condition is encountered.

3D Life can also provide a large number of anatomic models for surgical training sessions, creating more experience for doctors on certain surgical procedures and as a result delivering improved patient care.

Medical Models Gallery


3D Life can assist in the conception and design phases of buildings and other architectural structures. The models of structures can be 3D printed speeding up the time to create a maquette and enabling an iterative process to perfect the design according to client needs.

Using the original design of the architect with Computer Aided Design software and our in-house capabilities and tools, we provide our clients the advantage to conceptualize, communicate and validate designs and ideas rapidly and accurately.

Our products can help architects, engineers and contractors to pass from conceptual design to construction. We offer a fast and inexpensive way to produce their models with the finest detail, surface finish and color presentation.

Type of files to be uploaded preferably: STEP, IGES or STL and VRML


No 3D representation in a monitor can be matched with a physical model of your design in your hands. 3D Life's printing technology revolutionizes the way products are created and how fast can be delivered to you for inspection. 3D printing is a core method in production of complex shapes and structures (e.g. buckminsterfullerene) which enables you to test your design early in the product design cycle, in an affordable way through the:

  • Investigation of single components or complex assemblies for fit and/or function,
  • Identification of flaws or errors of your design in early stages of product development process
  • Reduction of design cycle by creating a prototype quickly and cost-efficiently.

Type of files to be uploaded preferably: STEP, IGES or STL and VRML