About 3D Life

Get inspired by the possibilities. Then start prototyping with passion.

3D Life is using the most advanced printer offering extremely precise construction of three dimensional models capable of utilizing a very wide spectrum of materials in multiple colors, thereby providing top quality services to demanding professionals in various specialties.

3D Life is the right partner to change the game in the 3D Printing world by improving the cost-time ratio, especially for sensitive sectors such as medicine, architecture and engineering.

Our technology and know-how enables the physician, the designer or the engineer to create a prototype or even an end- product with quality and speed unsurpassed in the market.

Working closely with our customers, we review the concept quickly, and build accurately. Thus, design problems can be identified immediately and changes can be applied as needed.

Our ability at 3D-Life to use a large variety of materials and multiple colors, as well as our technical expertise allows us to tackle any project efficiently and bring the desired model to life.


For highly accurate surgical guides and true-to-life medical device prototypes, we offer a range of material properties from rigid to flexible and opaque to transparent. The technology offer bio-compatible materials, so you can take advantage of 3D printing’s scalability and geometric capabilities in patient care and advanced experimental work. Our technology provides flexibility both in colors and in materials:

  • Flexible color, produce prototypes with a wide range of colors from deep dark to fluorescent, and even semi-translucent
  • Digital ABS in the Mix, designed to simulate standard Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastics by combining high-temperature resistance with toughness
  • Simulated Polypropylene, tough single-material options withstand the stress of living hinges, flexible closures and snap-fit parts
  • High Temperature, heat-resistant material is ideal for thermal testing of static parts
  • Bio-compatible, medical rapid prototyping materials offer excellent detail visualization and dimensional stability for dental delivery trays, surgical orthopedic guides and hearing aids
  • Rubber, with a range of bright and subtle colors, opacities and elastomer characteristics, this adaptable material is ideal for modeling a wide variety of products from heart models to soft grip handles and footwear


The Mimics software is specially developed for medical image processing and is the only software in the market with an FDA approval. We use Mimics for the segmentation of 3D medical images (coming from CT, MRI, micro-CT, CBCT, 3D Ultrasound, Confocal Microscopy) resulting to highly accurate 3D models of the patient’s anatomy. We then use these patient-specific models for a variety of applications directly in Mimics or export the 3D models and anatomical landmark points to the 3D printer for direct printing.

We use Mimics to:

  • Easily and quickly create accurate 3D models from imaging data
  • Accurately measure in 2D and 3D
  • Export 3D models in STL format for additive manufacturing
  • Export 3D models to 3-matic to optimize the mesh for FEA or CFD
Main Features:
  • Import DICOM, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, X-ray or raw image data

3D Life Services


3D Life's expertize in digital image processing and 3D printing technologies can help physicians better study the organ being operated prior to the operation.


3D printing is a core method in prototyping which enables you to test your design early in the product design cycle, in an affordable way.


Our products can help architects, engineers and contractors to pass from conceptual design to construction. We offer a fast and inexpensive way to produce their models with the finest detail, surface finish and color presentation.

The 3D anatomic heart library

The 3D Anatomic Heart Library is a digital library of 3D cardiac models of a wide spectrum of Congenital Heart Defects.

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