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3DLife is an experienced, innovative, technologically advanced medical 3D printing company, based in Athens, Greece. Over the past years, 3D Life has been an ever increasing valuable player in the medical 3D printing market and has created new, innovative medical ideas that have never been created before such as the first in Europe 3D Anatomic Heart Library, the first 3D Printed Mitral valve presented in an international conference and the first 3D printed uterus used for presurgical preparation and planning! It is our goal in the future to become the most admired 3D Printing Company and create even more innovative and profitable ideas.

With our latest technology 3D Printer and the help of advanced medical image processing software, we are able to provide an excellent customer experience, from the moment an order is placed to when the 3D printed model is delivered directly to your hands.

Our medical models cover a wide variety of specialties (cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, gynecology, surgical oncology, plastic surgery etc). Our models are specifically designed to be accurate to the anatomy of the body (to 16 micro precision) and can be used for pre-surgical planning as well as for educational purposes. 3D Life provides flexibility both in colors and in materials to simulate exactly the surgical experience.

In our continuous effort to provide the best medical models, we have created our new innovative and reliable 3D Anatomic Heart Library which contains heart models that have been used in hospitals for pre-surgical planning of cardiac procedures. The library is ever expanding and can be used by doctors, patients and even people interested in 3D technology or heart anatomy for educational purposes!

Our Mission

To provide Best Quality and Value 3D Printed products for Advanced Personalized Surgery to the benefit of Patients and Healthcare Systems around the World

Using the technology provided by 3D Life, hospitals can improve the quality of health care of patients worldwide. Our high quality and precise anatomically correct models simulate what the surgeon can expect from a certain area of the human body during a surgical procedure. As a result, the models can be used to decrease the time of the surgery and the time patients stay in the hospital. Thus, hospitals can provide their patients with the best affordable health care possible!

We hope our 3D models can provide a valuable asset and learning tool for the surgeons to be able to perform difficult surgeries on patients using the models created by 3D Life for pre surgical planning and practice with zero risk for the patients!

Medical 3D Printing reduces the medical errors because:

  • It provides the surgeons with knowledge of the exact anatomy of the problematic organ before the operation!
  • The surgeon can practice the steps of the operation beforehand with zero risk for the patient!
  • Surgeons can spot any potentially missed problematic anatomy before the operation and can plan their operation accordingly, thus reducing surgery complications.

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