Doctors and surgeons spent a lot of their time examining MRIs and CT scans (and other medical data) of the patient and even more time performing the actual surgery. As a result, not only fewer surgeries are being performed due to lack of time, but also the outcome of the surgeries being conducted is not always optimal. 3D Life's expertize in digital image processing and 3D printing technologies can help physicians better study the organ being operated prior to the operation. We deliver accurate representations of the patient organs and reduce time in surgery by providing doctors a more accurate and advanced approach to simulated surgery, but also improve the patient outcome by improving the quality of pre-surgical planning.

Saving time means that more surgeries can be performed and due to our prototypes, surgeries can be planned more effectively, reducing the risk factor and increasing doctors’ success rates. Due to our team’s expertise in medical applications an accurate and realistic representation of the exact patient's anatomy prior to a surgery can be performed. As a result, a better outcome can be achieved, patient’s security is enhanced and chances for a better quality of life are higher. Different colors and different materials in terms of physical specifications can be used for parts of the 3D model. The result is very realistic both in form and in feeling.

We are also able to provide educators and medical instructors with realistic anatomical models for surgical training purposes. Universities, institutions and organizations can get advantage of 3D printing technology and provide their students with the most cutting-edge technology by giving them access to the most realistic anatomical models to practice on. Simulated surgery and procedures can be performed to our replicas with a great deal of realism since our products duplicate the actual organs’ required treatment.

Type of files to be uploaded preferably: medical images from CR, MRI, micro-CT, CBCT, 3D ultrasound, confocal microscopy


3D Life can assist in the conception and design phases of buildings and other architectural structures. The models of structures can be 3D printed speeding up the time to create a maquette and enabling an iterative process to perfect the design according to client needs.

Using the original design of the architect with Computer Aided Design software and our in-house capabilities and tools, we provide our clients the advantage to conceptualize, communicate and validate designs and ideas rapidly and accurately.

Our products can help architects, engineers and contractors to pass from conceptual design to construction. We offer a fast and inexpensive way to produce their models with the finest detail, surface finish and color presentation.

Type of files to be uploaded preferably: STEP, IGES or STL and VRML


No 3D representation in a monitor can be matched with a physical model of your design in your hands. 3D Life's printing technology revolutionizes the way products are created and how fast can be delivered to you for inspection. 3D printing is a core method in production of complex shapes and structures (e.g. buckminsterfullerene) which enables you to test your design early in the product design cycle, in an affordable way through the:

  • Investigation of single components or complex assemblies for fit and/or function,
  • Identification of flaws or errors of your design in early stages of product development process
  • Reduction of design cycle by creating a prototype quickly and cost-efficiently.

Type of files to be uploaded preferably: STEP, IGES or STL and VRML